Updated...PRESS RELEASE…2nd Peaceful Armed Open Carry “Restore the Constitution” rally Greensboro NC National Park August 14th

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July 16, 2010 07:34PM
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June 11, 2010

2nd Restore The Constitution Rally

Time: August 14, 2010 from 1pm to 4pm
Location: Guilford Courthouse Battleground Park
Street: 2331 New Garden Rd
City/Town: Greensboro, NC

Speakers at this rally include:

1. Mike Vanderboegh (Alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters)

2 Daniel Almond (Organizer of the Original Restore The Constitution rally)

3. Taylor Ruble (from NC Rangers)

4. John Ainsworth (Civil War and Constitutional historian)

5. Ron Woodard (NC Listen)

6. David DeGerolamo (Founder of NC Freedom)

7. Bubba McDowell from the blog “What Bubba Knows”

8. Laura Long from “Triangle Conservative Unite”

9. Dr Dan Eichenbaym(from the mountains in NC and has his own TV show)


10. Dr BJ Lawson (running for US House of Representatives)

11. Rick Smith (Marine and running for NC State House)

12. Bill Randall (running for US House of Representatives)

13. June Griffin (running for Governor of Tennessee)

14. Tom Baugh (author of “Starving the Monkeys”)

15. Dr Ada Fisher National Conservative Republican Spokeswoman and black conservative

16. Vernon Robertson, Winston Salem 9/12 Group

Uncomfirmed, but remain in contact with

1.Andrew Breitbart

2.Sarah Palin

American Patriots Gather in Greensboro, NC to Demand That Their Government Abide by the Constitution

“Laws are made for men of ordinary understanding and should, therefore, be construed by the ordinary rules of common sense. Their meaning is not to be sought for in metaphysical subtleties which may make anything mean everything or nothing at pleasure.”

– Thomas Jefferson, 1823, Letter to William Johnson

This August 14th, freedom-loving Americans from all walks of life will gather in Greensboro North Carolina to peacefully demand that their government abide by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Restore The Constitution rally [http://www.nps.gov/guco/planyourvisit/maps.htm ] will assemble at Guilford Courthouse Battleground Park to hold a peaceful demonstration with a single, simple message:


According to the Restore The Constitution organizers:

“We want to remind Americans that they have a basic human right to keep and bear arms – both for self-defense and to preserve individual freedom – that is not only enshrined in the Bill of Rights, but is protected only by Americans’ willingness to actually exercise that right. Just as is true with free speech, freedom of assembly, and every other right guaranteed by the Constitution – if you don’t insist on your Constitutional freedoms by exercising them in public, you will lose them.”

In 1788, with the ratification vote by New Hampshire, the Constitution was adopted as the supreme law of the land. The Bill of Rights, as ratified by Virginia in late 1791, placed additional essential limitations on the powers of the government created by the Constitution. Together, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights set forth very specific limited powers for the Federal government, while also providing crucial protections for both individuals and the states from attempts by the Federal government to step outside those limits.

Over the years, as the nation grew and prospered, American citizens became lax in their vigilance against the slow and continuous encroachment of government into their private lives and affairs. Over the past 100 years, all three branches of the Federal government have stepped far beyond the clearly-articulated and mandatory boundaries set by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

With the actions taken in recent years by power-hungry Republican and Democratic politicians (examples include the bank bailouts in TARP, the automobile manufacturers’ bailout, and the recent healthcare mandate) and activist Federal judges (example: the Kelo decision), more and more Americans have had enough. They have awakened, and they notice with increasing dismay as leading politicians in both the White House and Congress disregard and even openly mock the supreme law of the land. Today’s patriots also recognize that when the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are interpreted consistently to justify the expansion of government and to mean whatever those in power say it means, we are headed towards a return to life as subjects under the thumb of tyrants.

The American citizens who gather this August 14th at the Restore The Constitution rally will openly and safely carry their firearms as they peacefully assemble to proclaim their grievances and demand redress from their servant politicians and officials. In short, every one of the participants in the Restore The Constitution event will each be exercising God-given human rights explicitly acknowledged by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. As the Restore The Constitution organizers put it:

“Can you imagine what the Founders would have said if they knew, after all of the blood and the pain of the recent revolution, that to enter the Federal governmental district created by the Constitution, American citizens would have to completely disarm themselves while petitioning their servants in government? The Founders would not have tolerated such arrogance by public officials, and they would have asked today’s Americans some pretty tough questions as to why we accept such behavior.”

Undoubtedly, there will be those in the media and government who will mischaracterize these loyal Americans as racist “haters,” bigots, right-wing extremists, domestic terrorists, and similar epithets. Those slanderous accusations are completely false, and the men and women who will gather on August 14th are nothing of the sort. The participants in the Restore The Constitution event are patriotic, everyday Americans who simply insist that their government respect the rights guaranteed by and obey the limitations imposed by the supreme law of the land – the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

For more information on the Restore The Constitution rally, please contact

Randy Dye 919 619 9189 919 619 9189

or Tom Green 336 639 8333 336 639 8333

Founder Daniel Almond 404 788 9735 404 788 9735

Rules of (non) Engagement

Pistol loaded, openly carried. Rifle unloaded, slung to rear. Bandoleer of magazines containing ammo. All in accordance with rules below. Please note that guidelines below are subject to final coordination with the Department of the Interior:

Participants and attendees are expected to know and abide by all applicable state and federal firearms laws. None of the information provided below is legal advice, and no attorney-client relationship is created by reading or relying upon this information. If you have questions, then you are expected to know the applicable state and federal firearms laws before attending the event. Anyone prohibited from possessing a firearm by state or federal law may not possess a firearm at this event. Participants and attendees may not bring any firearm prohibited by state or federal law.

1. ALL rifles and shotguns carried by participants at this event are to be unloaded (chamber empty, no magazine inserted, no ammo inside the rifle or shotgun, no ammo touching the rifle or shotgun whatsoever) and slung to the rear or to the side, away from the hands. Although the law does allow for carry of some types of loaded rifles and some types of shotguns in some circumstances, our guidelines are simpler and more strict due to the relative novelty of this event and the high level of attention it is likely to receive from law enforcement, government, and the media. 2. While we do ask that your rifles and shotguns be unloaded, you are perfectly welcome to carry ammunition and loaded magazines on your person if you so choose, so long as no magazines are actually inserted into rifles and so long as you are not prohibited from owning a firearm. 3. Open carry of a loaded pistol is allowed.

Concealed carry of a pistol is allowed for those with a valid North Carolina concealed handgun permit or a concealed handgun permit from a state for which North Carolina allows concealed carry in North Carolina (See the North Carolina Department of Justice website for a list of those states at www.ncdoj.com; we do not vouch for the authenticity or accuracy of that list). Anyone carrying their pistol openly or concealed cannot have in it a magazine capable of holding over 20 rounds and cannot have a pistol designed to accept a silencer or suppressor Participants and attendees are required to keep all pistols holstered. Participants and attendees are required to keep all rifles/shotguns slung over their shoulder, muzzle-down, unloaded, with the safety on, and with no magazine inserted. Brandishing of firearms is prohibited by North Carolina law. It is unlawful for any person to (a) point, hold, or brandish any firearm in such a manner as to reasonably induce fear in the mind of another or (b) hold a firearm in a public place in such a manner as to reasonably induce fear in the mind of another being shot or injured. Do not engage in any horseplay, demonstration of firing positions, or exchange of or other handling of firearms at Guilford Courthouse Battleground Park, or any other location or vehicle of transportation associated with this event. By federal law, firearms are prohibited in federal facilities (defined by federal law as a building or part thereof owned or leased by the federal government, where federal employees are regularly present for the purpose of performing their official duties). Do not transport a loaded rifle or shotgun in any vehicle on any public street, road, or highway during this event. Participants and attendees are not to consume, possess, or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances at this event.

Again, these guidelines are, as of now, subject to final coordination with the Department of the Interior.

GUIDELINES of Conduct”


God bless these national park service rangers. they have put so much effort into making this event run well that it is as much their event as it is ours. seems there have already been events preceeding this one up in the blue ridge parkway (the third national park in the state) involving open carry and long arms. they have already had their discussion with the local l.e. agencies about this event and have made it clear that on their side of the park boundry, it’s their world and they rule. make no mistake, there will be officers from the local l.e. in the park at this rally, just as there were at gravelly point. as long as we behave and make sure the rangers don’t have any problems, we won’t have any problems, and we all get to go home. if we make them have a bad day, then we will have a bad day. test their patience only if you’re interested in having a little late supper at the local hospitality center downtown run by local l.e. guys. they are open all night.


to accomodate a large number of visitors to the park for special events, some larger that ours, the park rangers close down the loop road thru the park and allow only event attendees and bicycle traffic to enter. this makes available extra parking along the roadside. there will be at least one very sharp and official looking park ranger asking everybody that drives up to the park entrance, “are you here to attend the rally?”, and you will say, “yes sir.” then you will be permitted to enter and park along the roadside. it’s just that easy. see note 1 above.


on your way to the park, say the word “obama” several hundred times till you’re good and tired of saying it and hearing it. in this way you won’t feel like saying or hearing it once inside the park. in fact, it would be best, if it were to be reported by the press, that not one mention of that name was made during the entire rally. afterall, he is just but one of the many that have trampled on our constitutional rights and used abusive political power. deny them all individual recognition because to them, that is achievement of their goals. “it’s the words that we don’t say, that sometimes say the most”. think of note 1 above.


just like at fort hunt, there will be an official check-in table. it will be located at the pathway leading to the General Greene monument and aphitheater area, the rally point. That pathway is near the entrance to the park loop road on the right. (see the pictures). after you park and take a picture of where your are with your cell phone, proceed directly to the check-in desk. there will be rally marshalls along the loop road to assist you in properly slinging your long arms and directing you towards the check-in table. there may be park rangers along the way, just to make sure you don’t get lost following the road. see note 1 above.


the rally point is in 25% shade at 13:00 and this increases in the afternoon. the amphitheater is completly shaded all afternoon. the General Green monument will still be in full sun when the park gates close at 17:00. Shade is provided mostly by tall oak trees that surround the rally point on all sides. (see pictures). there are no tables or benches in this area, so if you need a chair or two, bring them. stay off the monument. General Greene is the only one authorised to ride the horse. this section of the state is notorious for heat and humidity in august. we will have some (hopefully cold) bottled water available free for the asking, just in case you forgot to bring your own. there will also be an ems vehicle near our location. and if you like bugs, we’ve got them. the only park animals you’re allowed to personally dispatch, at will. mosquitoes are fond of the shade and the circle flies are fond of the podium area. nothing you haven’t had to deal with in the past, so you know what works best for you. do not make the etiquitte faux pau of wearing black bdu’s to this event as they attract an excessive amount of media attention. this always makes those around you uncomfortable and occasionally irritable, although they are not permitted to cause you bodily harm. here. now. this time. and yes, see note 1 above.


our most gracious host, the park rangers, are permitting us four port-a-johns, to be located in the shade, near, but adequately away from, both the rally point and the check-in desk. regular restroom facilities are located back across the road from the entrance at the visitor’s center. there is much inside to see and you should stop by either before or after the rally. if during the rally, it should happen that you really, really need to make a quik visit to the visitor’s center, the proper procedure is to ask a marshall to either sholder your gear or assist you in transfering your gear to a friend not wearing a park ranger badge. there are no firearms permitted in the visitor’s center. that road is not national park service property. once on that road, you are fair game for the local l.e guys and passing motorists. think “open season” and they have no bag limit. if the marshalls were allowed tasers (which they are not), then attempting to cross the road with your firearms would guarantee the most gleeful demonstration of their skills and abilities. see note 1 above. did you read note 1 above? it’s real important.


if all goes well, the event will wrap up at 16:00 sharp. this will give me time to go behind all of you and make sure we haven’t left a mess for the park rangers, before they close the gates at 17:00. in the event the sky should open up and drop a big one on us, hiding under the oak trees till it’s over isn’t an option. the park rangers will direct us to stop and vacate the area or whatever they deem necessary. there probably is a multi-page form that would have to be filled out when park visitors get vaporized by lightning. there is no rain date for this event, but there will be another.


the press and media will eventually find us at this rally. they will walk freely amoung us, while you’re doing your best to listen to the speakers, and sometimes ask you the most amazing things. an area for interviewing will be maintained near the General Greene monument. great place for pictures, too. (don’t forget to include your new found buddies in the park service when it comes to photo ops). most of the press and media, even if they read the prepared press handouts, will for go their understanding of what it all really means, by getting you to tell the story, and then spinning it into something unrecognizable. if you have a lot to say, and they seem to be encourageing you to talk, go to the interviewing area. at the gravelly point rally, it was the russian new service that most nearly got the story straight. believe it or not. if you don’t feel like talking, you don’t have to. they can’t make you, and i won’t tell you what to say. but you know, this “rule of law” and “it’s in the constitution” stuff is so simple, even a caveman can understand it. but there are some that don’t get it and some that won’t get it. that’s why we are having these rallies. tom jefferson could explain it better, but if this republic is going to remain a government of “we the people”, then the constitution is the owners manual on how to keep it that way.


now scroll back up and read note 1 again.

Finally - the outcome of this event will shape future RTC events. this one does not require nor encourage you to raise your arms in protest and yell angry and provocative things. look elsewhere for that if somehow that’s what you think this is about.

Newspaper articles already starting on this event;

ALERT…Newspaper Article I Was Interviewed in for Open/Carry August 14th Rally “Restore the Constitution”
July 13, 2010


It’s nothing for 21-year-old Jay Jay Eldridge to strap his .40-caliber handgun to his right hip, whether it’s to go eat a barbecue plate at Stamey’s or just stroll down the street.

But a resident in his High Point neighborhood didn’t know that and recently called the police on him.

“You know, when the cops get a call that there’s a guy walking around with a gun, a few of them show up,” Eldridge said. “So, three cops show up. They just asked me questions — ‘Are you 21?’ and stuff like that.

“The first thing the cop said to me was, ‘I know you’re not doing anything wrong. I got a call, so I got to check you out.’ ”

Eldridge isn’t out to hurt anyone. He openly carries a gun for his own protection and because, well, it’s lawful.

In North Carolina, state law does not prohibit carrying firearms in the open.

Dozens of “open carriers” like Eldridge are expected next month at the Restore the Constitution Rally at the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park to make people more aware of such gun laws.

Minding the adage of “use it or lose it,” participants at the Aug. 14 event will display their loaded pistols and unloaded rifles to exercise their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

‘Read the Constitution’

Randy Dye, a co-organizer of the rally and author of the conservative blog “Randy’s Right,” said he has owned guns nearly all his 58 years. He has openly carried for three years.

Dye, a retired trauma nurse living in Pittsboro, advocates for gun rights and opposes what he considers the federal government’s encroachment of state and individual rights, citing the bank bailout and health care reform as recent examples. The rally’s purpose is to remind people of their right to have guns for self-defense and “to preserve individual freedom.”

The Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision last week that the right to bear arms cannot be violated by state and local governments was “excellent,” Dye said.

“My whole thought is it shows how easily we can lose our constitutional rights,” he said. “That should have never made it to the Supreme Court. The Second Amendment said that right shall never be infringed on.”

When people see Dye with his gun and ask if he’s a police officer, he tells them that he is an armed civilian and that he carries a gun for his protection. He also suggests they read the Constitution.

“The Constitution was specifically written to protect us from the government,” he said. “They foresaw a lot of what’s going on today.”

“Again, the whole idea is to make them more aware and to make this a more open-carry friendly country.”

Open-carry friendly

Dye considers North Carolina one of the more “friendly” states for open-carry advocates. No permits or licenses are required for people in North Carolina to carry a holstered handgun in plain sight.

Most state firearm laws refer to carrying concealed guns. The highly regulated process of getting a concealed-carry permit can take up to 90 days. It requires applicants to meet with their sheriff’s office, undergo a background check, complete a safety training course and pay a $90 fee.

State law does not permit anyone to carry a weapon — concealed or in the open — in bars or restaurants that serve alcohol.

It doesn’t allow guns, rifles or pistols in schools, law enforcement agencies, correctional facilities or state and federal offices, or at parades, funerals or demonstrations.

Maj. Tom Sheppard of the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office said deputies don’t bother open carriers unless they are “going armed to the terror of the people.”

That means people can’t arm themselves with any unusual or dangerous weapon for the purpose of terrifying others.

For the most part, open-carry is not prevalent in the county or Greensboro, he said.

“You have a few that walk down the street like they’re in Tombstone, Ariz., in 1880, but not that many,” he said.

Charles Cranfield, superintendent of the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park, said a federal law that went into effect Feb. 22 allows people who can legally possess firearms to carry guns in the park.

That’s the main reason organizers chose the park.

Rally organizers have imposed strict rules on participants about how they should carry firearms because of the novelty of the event and the attention it could receive from law enforcement and the media.

Participants can carry concealed weapons if they have a valid permit.

If they carry openly, then the rules state: “Pistol loaded, openly carried. Rifle unloaded, slung to rear.”

Organizers warn participants that the rally could shape future events.

Protecting the rally

The park issued Dye and partner Tom Green a First Amendment permit that allows them to express their views while not interfering with normal park operations.

A roster of mostly conservative speakers will discuss the First and Second amendments in any manner of their choosing. Between 200 and 3,000 people might attend.

The rally will be peaceful, but anti-gun protesters could show up to voice opposition, he said.

Cranfield said four Guilford County park rangers will provide security, along with up to four others requested from the Blue Ridge Parkway and Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The park will notify the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office and the Greensboro Police Department about the event, Cranfield said.

“We will be contacting them just to let them know we expect that there could be an issue or something that happens,” Cranfield said. “There probably will be citizens concerned about people carrying guns around, and 911 will be called several times that day, so they need to be aware of it.”

“We expect it to be a peaceful rally. I don’t want more police than protesters or ralliers.”

Fighting misconceptions

Some adults — with eyes and mouths gaped — express shock when they see Eldridge’s gun.

But they shouldn’t be afraid, he said, because the bad guys aren’t likely to carry openly.

He’s not confrontational and fears the day that something bad happens, he said.

“A lot of people are like, ‘I bet you can’t wait to use that thing,’ ” Eldridge said, referring to his gun.

“That’s another misconception. That’s the last thing I want to do.

“I will exhaust all other resources before I even think about using the gun with force. It’s kind of scary.”

Contact Dioni L. Wise at 373-7090 or dioni.wise@news-record.com

another artcle

Open-carry gun activists laud N.C.
By Josh Shaffer - McClatchy Newspapers E-Mail
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Text Size: tool nameclose tool goes here Randy Dye will sometimes carry a gun on his hip, right out in the open, no jacket pulled over it, no inside-the-belt holster. It draws funny looks, and Dye doesn't much care.

One time, Dye explains, he was standing in line for a money order when the guy behind him asked, "Are you a police officer?" Dye said no, and the guy kept staring, so Dye stared back. "We good?" Dye asked, and the conversation stopped.

"I wasn't trying to intimidate," says Dye, a retired trauma nurse in Chatham County. "He approached me. If you don't understand your constitutional rights, you need to go read them.

Read more: [www.thesunnews.com]
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