Alias1776, I have a question!!!

Posted by USAFSniper03 
May 02, 2013 07:56AM
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So I got to thinking today, and had a random question pop into my head...Since the Sons Of Liberty joined forces with you on this site, how many new members has this site received? Also, has the rate at which people have been joining the forum increased, decreased or remained about the same? I am just curious to know if we are making any kind of an impact.

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May 02, 2013 11:43AM
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Allies1776 should know for sure!

From what it looks like to me is that members has increased
dramatically beginning last year do to the disenfranchisement
people were feeling from the fake election process!
May 02, 2013 01:40PM
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It looks like an increase USAFSniper03, but sometimes the cause is hard to tell. I would have to say that the Sons Of Liberty is a benefit overall.

I've noticed huge jumps in traffic every time there is a national issue on gun control. However, that doesn't necessarily mean a better retention rate... Whereas I'd assume, without actually have any real data, that the Sons of Liberty would be beneficial in retention as well.

I don't track as much data as other sites do and only can guess and judge it by pageviews and unique visitors. Since the beginning of the year, there was a drop in views/visitors just prior to Sons of Liberty being added, and then it went steady up until the tail end of April, when it increase again. March was just under average to average for the boards. However, we had some major news events that correspond well to increases, such as anti 2nd amendment legislation all over the place as a result to sandy hook as well as the recent events in boston. These events would, in my mind, also correspond to more activity with Sons of Liberty as well, not just the boards generally.

I'm looking at stats for some of the pages, not all. I'd have to check the server logs for a more accurate picture.. but overall, I believe that Sons of Liberty is helping even if it is difficult to see by how much right now. Since Sons of Liberty is starting to "age" .. I believe you should see more activity with Sons of Liberty and an improved retention rate.

As EnBlock pointed out, it looks like membership itself has increased quite a bit. It also feels like more of the newer members are posting more quality material and information. Thats just a feeling though, no data to back it up lol.

I'll try to get a better look at the stats when I get some time. I believe the Sons of Liberty is making an impact though.

Note: Retention as in someone stays around long enough to feel part of the "going ons" here.

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June 30, 2013 03:34AM
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Yea, traffic bumped very high from the regulars just short after I joined.

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