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October 20, 2013 10:25AM
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This book chronicles the timeline of the American revolution. It outlines steps taken by the British king, the colonists, the delegates/ lawmakers, the Sons of Liberty and the royal loyalists from 1763 to 1782. I highly recommend to read it with a highlighter in hand. My point in posting this is to show how we could be supporting people likeTed Cruz, Trey Gowdy, Louie Gohmert and Mike Lee House in Congress whenever they step up the fight. It is also to show how we need to be the ones in control of the meme en masse - just like when Rand Paul did his filibuster, like the Bikers to D.C., like the Vets to D.C., like the Truckers to D.C., even like Terry Jones when he goes to burn korans. Next time he needs to do it on PRIVATE PROPERTY and have the gasoline already there!

*March 1765"
The Stamp Act outrges almost all colonists, from New England to Georgia, who object that it is a direct revenue tax levied without their consent. Morevover, despite the provision that colonists are to be named stamp masters, violations of the law are to be tried in juryless admiralty courts, putting trials outside the influence of local politics or mob pressure....Lawyers, merchants, printers, and many others make a common cause. Within weeks of the Stamp Act's passage, organized resistance, bordering on civil disorder, forms throughout the colonies. In Boston, the Sons of Liberty draw on all levels of society and wealth. .........The Sons intimidate royal officials and threaten violence to anyone foolish enough to sign on as a stamp master. Similar groups soon form in other colonies, using the same tactics to defeat the implementation of the Stamp Act. Royal governors discover that no one can be persuaded to fill the appointments as stamp officials, despite the attractive salary and opportunities for patronage. Colonial assemblies universally condemn the act, and courts shut down rather than agree to use of the hated stamps.

*August 1765*
Mob violence, organized by the sons of Liberty, confronts Andrew Oliver, who has foolishly agreed to take the post of stamp master. Oliver is hung in effigy from the limbs of a large tree, wich comes to be known as the Liberty Tree and serves thereafter as a symbol of Bostons antigovernment protests, and his home is attacked. (By he end of the year, he is made to renounce his appointment in a humiliating public apology.) Likewise, the mob attacks the homes of other officials, including the elegant house of Lt. Gov. Thomas Hutchinson. Royal governor Francis Bernard seeks refuge rom the riots in the island fortress of Castle William in Boston Harbor.

*October 1765*
Twenty-seven colonial delegates meet in a Stamp Act Congress. The royal governors of GA, NC, and VA prevent the selection of delegates, but all other colonies -- save NH, which agrees in advance to support the actions of the Congress -- send representatives. They debate the position of the colonies and pass a set of resolutions and petitions to the king and Parliament. The Stamp Act Congress recognizes the right of the crown and the British legislature to pass laws governing the colonies and regulating trade but asserts that no taxes can be imposed without the consent of the governed. Little is accomplished, but the congress sets a precedent for the future of collective colonial action. Elsewhere, colonial merchants agree to restrict imports from Great Britain for the duration of the stamp crisis.

*February 1766*
LONDON. Recognizing that the tax is unenforceable (only in Georga are stamps ever issued) and pressured by British commercial interests, who have suffered from the American nonimportation agreements, the new ministry of the Marquis of Rockingham abandons the struggle and Parliament repeals the Stamp Act.

At the same time, it passes a little noticed Declaratory Act, asserting the right of Parliament to legislate all matters for the American colonies, thus refuting the colonial argument against taxation without represenation.

"Tea Party Republicans Are “Domestic Enemies” We Took Oath To Defend Against" --- Dem Rep. Steve Cohen
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October 20, 2013 11:49AM
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The funny thing (or to be honest, the sad thing), through decades of
carefully planned and executed building blocks of Infiltration and
Subversion by the British Royals through Transnational
Corporations and off shore Maga Banksters, they've managed
to achieve the enslavement and impoverishment of our National
that they failed to do overtly in the 1700's!

The bottom line is that we were "Economic" slaves then, just as
we are now! It was a criminal offense to produce any finish
goods because by British Decree we had to by for all our finished
goods from Britain; a monopoly at the barrel of a gun!

What few Crafts and Trades that were aloud were only aloud
to those who secured a license from the Crown, but the Crown
only gives Licenses to those it chooses or pays a big
enough bribe!

The Crafts and Trades GUILDS were also controlling and
enforcing their monopoly as granted by the Crown!

And here we are, going right back where we started from!

We can't even wipe our ass with out it being Government
Regulated and enforced with fines and penalties while
providing a service at the barrel of a gun!

We've become Economic Slaves once again! When you
ad up all the taxes and fees of everything that you buy
and use from raw materials to finish products, 80% of
your labor exchange (not income) goes to all those
behind the scenes taxes and fees before you pay the
visible ones as the end user! That's 80% of your
productivity, 80% of your life consumed by Governments!

If that's not an Economic Slave, I don't know what is?
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April 12, 2014 11:32AM
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[] live feed please share this in regards to the Bundy stand off

Amendment II - A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
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April 12, 2014 12:50PM
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Very good point. I don't trust any politicians anymore. So does this mean this is possible grounds to start going to the homes of all people within the administration (not including the 7 lawfully elected congress members who are in no way tied to the royal crown even by bribery or gifts) and start arresting them and hold them until their trial. This includes lawyers due to the illegal laws they helped create under the B.A.R. I don't agree that they should be given a fair trial (treat them as they have treated us) but that would make us no different than them by not abiding by what is Constitutionally correct by fair trial and sentence. If I had the choice to elect someone new for office Mr. Mike V. would be one.

September 09, 2015 12:11AM
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David Duke said all you need to know.
September 09, 2015 06:50AM
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disappointed dale
David Duke said all you need to know.

He also twists , manipulate and flat out lies about both real and perceived truths with that big'ol smile and "common sensible soft spoken tone and hand gestures" of his. He mixes a lot of truths together with half-truths and lies to weave some very convincing arguments , I know, I recently watched all his videos and a few others like him just to be brought up to date as I do several times a year .

Gotta know your enemy.grinning smiley

I find it quiet interesting that he said back in the 90's that he was no longer a racist and wanted to get into politics to help people ( which people again ?) and make amends for his past.

I know, I remember watching many of his speeches which have since vanished !

We are Jewish............... we are also Messianic , which means that we are JEWS that believe that Yeshua / Jesus is the son of G-d and the Messiah promised to us by the Torah.

David Duke still spews open hate against me and mine , and if he says "all you need to know ." then I am very sorry to say that you must be just as closed minded as he is.

If I can at any time help you in not fearing and hating me just please ask, I will do my best in showing you some of the truths behind some of the lies ( I don't know everything dont'cha know).eye popping smiley

By the way dale, WELCOME !

Pastor Mike is like the kookey uncle at all the family functions, he is full of experience, knowledge and doesn't speak up often. But when he does you better listen, because its gonna be good.

S.Snow, Sept.28 2015
I've come across a few of his posts. Good stuff. Witty fucker!

Free2Conserve Jan 06 2016
September 09, 2015 07:05AM
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David Duke is not a man I would put out there as someone to listen to.

You can have my weapon when I am dead, careful though, the barrel's gonna be hot.
Airborne!! []
April 11, 2016 06:14AM
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Since we're on the subject of "MUST READS", you really need to get "BATTLE HYM". Probably the best play by play book of how the banks have subverted the global will of the people. From Mayer Amsel Rothschild to JP MORGAN, and Rockefeller, and all of the agencies created under them, i.e. the CFR, Bilderberg, Trilateral, Federal Reserve and so on. If you want to know who, what, when and where, this is the one that I think ties it all together.
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