Removing all emotion and seeing what North Korea says about the USA, why not watch and see if it is true for yourself outside of the programming of American propoganda

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October 28, 2013 10:22AM
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Published on Jan 24, 2013

[] Check this out from the person who posted: On a trip to visit family in Seoul in April, I was approached by a man and a woman who claimed to be North Korean defectors. They presented me with a DVD that recently came into their possession and asked me to translate it. They also asked me to post the completed film on the Internet so that it could reach a worldwide audience. I believed what I was told and an agreement was made to protect their identities (and mine).

Despite my concerns about what I was viewing when I returned home, I proceeded to translate and post the film on You Tube because of the film's extraordinary content. I have now made public my belief that this film was never intended for a domestic audience in the DPRK. Instead, I believe that these people, who presented themselves as 'defectors' specifically targeted me because of my reputation as a translator and interpreter.

Furthermore, I now believe these people work for the DPRK. The fact that I have continued to translate and post the film in spite of this belief does not make me complicit in their intention to spread their ideology. I chose to keep posting this film because - regardless of who made it - I believe people should see it because of the issues it raises and I stand by my right to post it for people to share and discuss freely with each other.

I have translated this film, laid in the English voice over and subtitles, and on legal advice have blurred the identity of the presenter and/or blacked out certain elements.

Special Forces De Oppresso Liber
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October 28, 2013 11:55AM
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Yea, another classic example of the "POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK"!

So much of the self proclaimed guides of the proverbial Rabbit Hole
are typically full of half-truths so you'll get some insights but
stops or redirects it so you don't see the mind control techniques
they themselves are using on you with this limited awareness!
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