SOL Media Heads up thread.

Posted by sradeski 
January 05, 2017 03:49PM
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It doesnt currently show when things are posted in the Media section of SOL, so until I can figure that out, this sticky will be here to let people know when new articles go in. Please do NOT use this thread to ask questions about it, read what is posted in the header of that sub forum, or ask me directly via pm. Lets leave this for heads up to new posts there until I get it figured out.

If you write an article etc, and want it in there, please put it there, but PLEASE follow the rules, especially about plagiarism. If you want to write something but want to remain anonymous, PM me and I will get it in, but we will have record of its original author should you change your mind later and want credit.

Scout has an article in there already, and I just added some links to OLD articles, aka Federalist Papers. If you are not an SOL member, do not qualify yet, and want to see them, they should be visible. If they are not, please let me know, and I will add it to my corrections I am trying to have done by the end of the weekend and the new beginning of my chaotic life for a month or so (hopefully, since it will mean more money coming in to get my new rifle!)

Even when chaos ensues, I will be checking in every day for the most part, and if it will be more than a day or two between, I will give everyone the heads up, especially the other mods/admin.
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January 05, 2017 03:59PM
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Cool. thumbs up

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