FBI Agent found guilty for assaulting innocent child

Posted by Pastor Mike 
November 09, 2015 10:06AM
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You really need to watch the video on this one , the "agent" does what we have grown to expect, being a bully boy ,failure to identify himself, lying , lying to an officer, assaulting a child and endangering other innocents with a firearm .
To top it of this BROWN SHIRT has a PANIC ATTACK when when found GUILTY on reduced charges and has to go to the hospital !
The kid actually flies through the air for about ten feet before hitting the ground after this guy "SHOVES" him !

I know that this would have gone a whole different route if it had been one of us as the father of the assaulted kid. What are your thoughts ?


Rockville, MD — FBI agent, Geral John Rogero, 45, was accompanying a friend on her way to pick her child from her estranged husband when things got out of hand.

Rogero, unable to contain his divine authority, began to get a little too involved in this family matter. When the estranged husband is late, Rogero begins to chastise him.

Acting as nothing more than a strong arm for the mother, Rogero escalates the situation simply because that is what he is trained to do. Perplexed by the notion of the mother bringing an armed agent of the state to their hand off meeting, the 15-year-old son becomes agitated and asks Rogero why he is even involved.

Having a child question his authority, was enough to send the power-tripping FBI agent over the edge. Rogero then walks up to the child, who is half his size, and shoves him so hard that the teen flew back 10 feet before falling to the ground.

After assaulting the child, Rogero, so offended that someone would question his supreme wisdom, then attempts to arrest the 15-year-old for no reason.

When the child resists being kidnapped by this deranged lunatic, Rogero pulls his gun out. He then claims that he is going to arrest the boy’s mother who tried to stop him. Rogero asserts that a mother attempting to stop an aggressive maniac from assaulting her son is “assault on a federal officer.”

Of course, when the police show up, the boy is treated like a hardened criminal. The video shows one officer place his boot on the boy’s back. Had it not been for the person filming this incident, the entire situation could have turned out horribly for this family.

Only after authorities saw the compelling video, did they choose to charge one of their own. Rogero was indicted on three counts of first-degree assault, second-degree assault and use of a handgun in the commission of a felony.

This week, Rogero was found guilty of the second-degree assault charges, but was acquitted on the other two more serious charges of nearly killing an innocent child with a pistol. His defense team was able to convince a jury that Rogero legitimately “feared for his life” (seriously), and so he was justified in pulling his gun.

The defense claimed that the “life threatening” attack from the teen happened in the brief moments in which the camera panned away.

Resolute in the notion that he would escape all charges for his crimes due to his status of government enforcer, Rogero had a panic attack after the guilty verdict was read in the courtroom. He had to be transported to a local hospital after he was experiencing shortness of breath.

In spite of just being convicted of assaulting a child, it was announced that Rogero would remain in his job, on active duty, and keep his badge and gun.

Read more at [thefreethoughtproject.com]

Pastor Mike is like the kookey uncle at all the family functions, he is full of experience, knowledge and doesn't speak up often. But when he does you better listen, because its gonna be good.

S.Snow, Sept.28 2015
I've come across a few of his posts. Good stuff. Witty fucker!

Free2Conserve Jan 06 2016
November 09, 2015 02:12PM
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So he's guilty but let's getting back on the street beating up children?

I say public lynching and termination

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November 09, 2015 04:50PM
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Panic attack huh? So there is something within their own system that scares the shit out of their own. That's good to know.

November 09, 2015 05:04PM
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Shoulda been found guilty on all counts and be some convict's dick-puppet right now.

I don't plan on dyin'.

I mean, yes, it is definitely a possibility, but I'd rather shoot 'n scoot to get some more.

My plan is to be the biggest pain in the ass possible.

Like a sandpaper dildo.
November 09, 2015 07:13PM
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Shoulda been found guilty on all counts and be some convict's dick-puppet right now.
Maybe that's why he paniced


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November 09, 2015 07:17PM
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Tar and feathers would be appropriate for this chicken shit.
November 09, 2015 09:13PM
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"I know that this would have gone a whole different route if it had been one of us as the father of the assaulted kid. What are your thoughts ?"

Brother Pastor Mike,

Yes Sir, I totally agree, I would have gone really bad for that Little Bitch if it would have been any of our Kids Sir! BTW, WTF did the Dad Go?? Did he take off?

If that was an open carry State (Unknown if it is or not) That pussy would have been laid out quick! I will protect my Children to the Death Sir from Anybody! As I am sure we ALL Would! HUA!!

Stay Frosty All!

Stay Frosty,
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