Ferguson Police are cutting/jamming LIVESTREAM feeds!

Posted by ENblock 
November 20, 2014 09:07PM
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I don't know why people keep relying on a
government controlled com system and
are shock every time they are cut off?

December 07, 2014 11:54PM
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I am a newbie on the 3%ers site and I am also an Oath Keeper. Here me out although I go off on what seems a tangent it also takes into the consideration the health of Americans which is key to resolving any issues, the ability of handling the endurance. This is stated below in another paragraph along with insight to drone warfare and cutting of communications. Hang in there and see my points and please comment.

Ferguson, Missouri communications shut down and will be and has been done across the United States in many other places to create control by making "Chaos". It is not the people but the others doing the dirty deed.

My bit of levity for a moment on the issue of communications cutoff in the US.

I think it is great that all communications are being blocked. I think that is why whoever the radicals are, are burning the buildings in Ferguson, Missouri , they are resorting to making "smoke signals" as a last resort. Of course I am jesting here but thought it would be a different skew on the topic.

My background in highly sophisticated communications systems.

I am a American/Russian Engineer with a high level of education and skills in which I earned my EngD. This is a high level of engineering above regular known doctorate skills. I have been doing this work in very high technology for over 25 years, so I have seen systems come and go of many types over the years.

The suggested reading topics in the previous mail on the 3%ers and Communications cut.

As a side note on the suggested reading sites, as an Oath Keeper and a Alex Jones listener and others of delight I already have the information that has been already posted and marked on those sites and live streams, along with many others. They are all the designed strategies in print of what we use to call of the movies, "The Big Picture" of which many of you probably remember.

The similarity to the movie,"The Ten Commandments" of past actors with very good delivery skills in acting and showing how information was done in those days of scrolls and hand carry runners.

As in the movie of Mosses with Charlton Heston and what the Farrow had said, "Let it be written, so let it be done", obviously we are now living in the days of the Farrow once again.

If it is pulled off which I seriously doubt it will be of the late "middle class" that will become the slaves and the beatings will continue to the end until those "above it all" get what their psychological defective brains want, power of everything including control of our souls.

The Human factor and what has caused the slaves to be slaves today.Hang in there I will get to the weenie of the communications.

If you really look at the population of the average persons in this country the majority are completely out of shape and hooked on sugar much like heroin, it affects the same part of the brain. That was our first mistake with letting China do its first deeds of destroying the American human body.We liked it and we got hooked on it for many years that even the children of today are looking at heart attacks in their 20's which is profound in itself and the new statistic.

The days of farm fresh foods and non-GMO have been put out of the picture by destroying farmers across this land, the government paying farmers not to grow…is that intuitively stupid? That was a first sign of what was to come in the future, a set up started long ago within the Nixon administration, I really think Nixon hated people personally due to his own deficiencies of being of sound mind, an extreme paranoid.

How many of the drug and sugar dependent are weapons owners? How many are even able to be capable of the rigorous stress it takes to take America back without having a heart attack? The American people are hooked on sugar and it has done its destruction plain and simple. Not being or creating a personal attack on anyone here, look at yourself, are you; ten,twenty,thirty,forty or more pounds overweight and eating high doses of sugar and on many medications? We must first look at ourselves and what has been created over the years since the 70's, (it really goes back further, Many Viet-Nam era soldiers deaths in the high heat temperature climates were caused by heart attacks due to eating hamburger and clogging arteries at a very young age in the years of the 1950's).

Hang in there I am just making some observations of Americans and their factors of an early defeat. Those that are lean and mean get the communication sets of the immediate future, not the Americans of the hopeful in being able to sustain any incursion. I will admit here I too am overweight by thirty pounds and also a victim.I have now made the choice to cut off all sugars in my diet and be able to sustain my abilities to do my work in the high level communications work, NASA can't even come close or anyone else.

I admit my own body is not keeping up with my mind and many are in the same situation, about 75% of American adults including their children are living in the danger zone.

A fact, Any rigorous activity will also create major problems within peoples brains instability. The craving and their needing a fix, not to mention on top of it all addiction to prescribed medications to combat the problems created by the "China Syndrome" of sugar created in the American people. No sugar and no understanding what to do when the body including the mind goes out of control. Drugs are cut off as well as prescribed medications to combat problems, instantly a so called fighting force is defeated even though they may be heavily armed, it is all part of the conspiracy too. Simply to dumb down the population stuck on the crutches of physiological doom drug, sugar and prescribed medications.

Therefore it is a fight to keep our existence of who we are and what we are to the end. The cost will be high to us the patriots as the majority are out of shape to resist. The first wave is trained and capable and will create a dent in the demise of the Farrow as it was in history, it tends to repeat itself over and over.

The weak are many but over a long period of starvation from their drug sugar and being fed GMO's it will cut the force to almost nothing, instant slavery or control.

The strategies will be almost the same and the outcome will be the same as it has been done in the past, many simply drop dead.

I feel really bad that we have to live in these times of struggle but also am glad we are too. This is a great event in our history and our changes will be renewed again in this country.

The past and it strategic philosophy as done before with superiority.

Over the long run we will be back and I might add it will not be done quickly or what we once said we will win because we have "Air Superiority" as in Viet-Nam and in the wars since then. The "Air Superiority" never came to fruition or even worked although there is plenty of sophisticated drones today. They are really easily defeated and it does not take a genius to figure it out. The drones go up and come easily down as easily, it is a true statement so the new so called "Air Superiority" is as it was before is defeat-able or does not work as well as they thought against intelligent people in the US.
The drones are not up against people in the sand instead they are against very intelligent individuals, so let it be written.

I am a bit off course on the topic here but hang in there I will continue to explain about the communications with very advanced systems.
I have worked on systems that have been very capable to circumvent the problems of communications. The system will not be in the hands of the ordinary people but in the hands of trained individuals those that will be lean and mean and no other. The system exists now and it easily gets around all the interference of communications or being shut down. Really the assault on the individual hand held type of the ordinary person is easy to cut off but the systems I have very can not be shut down or interrogated by anyone other than the other that has the same communications sets. Think about it we the ordinary people that are highly educated people that developed the systems for the police and military to use can be done again in another design that simply keeps them out of the loop. We are the designers, we are the engineers of the actual systems in use by all of them today and we simply can build and delegate the systems to even overload their systems to burn them out.
Really do they think we are all like the protesters across this country that use simple non-complicated hand held phones? Then we worry about it? I have been the person to develop and bring the working systems to the physically capable and intelligent men and women to take care of them and use them correctly and understand the system usage parameters. I have taken it upon myself to build new systems that are much more complicated than anything they can devise. I have the skill and the intelligence to do it as are many others like me, we worked in the "think tank" of this "BLACK" out of government and corporations hands.

Don't worry about the cut off of communications my new systems are already packaged and we have made a bit over 100 units and their ready to go-go-GO!
Security of the system and to those eavesdropping at this time,

If they are seized or tried to be reverse engineered they are simply made to self destruct or burn up everything in about a nano second.They are tamper resistant to a depth no one could understand or analyze in any of the known methods or even imagined.

Yes, I have the work done by the unique individuals that can not be beat ever, they have the extreme of intelligence looking forward to not even getting close for probably 50-60 years from now on this date, 2014. We announced it earlier on December 7 in remembrance of Pearl Harbor day of which my own family fought in that war and ware of the greatest generation in our time, they made America when it was bountiful and had a great future for all to live with life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it will come again as the pendulum swings.
With all this being stated in a very public way and most likely interrogated right now by agencies as I write every word, it is beyond their control. The system designs are in others hands, those of hand picked trust of those I have known all my life and have known them since childhood, so were very secure. Good luck to any that can even follow any of the designs, the initial designs don't even start with anything like a start on using a power supply of known types, often the early part or portion of design. It is completely what I would call but not meaning of the science fiction movies or UFO followers, it is "out of this world" and half a century or more years in advance of anything in anyones hands today but ours.

The problems of communications are over and done with the continuity of keeping America on the comm is done. Keeping control of the average American will still be happening but the true root of communication is at a level none have seen before, ever! These systems will not be given to anyone but those that are qualified in many ways and are themselves interrogated by my own staff, they are all professionals in their own class. The so called contractors do not apply or even the Special Operations types, their very vulnerable and predictable. Average America again will still have problems of police and government simple communications shut down but the true life blood will continue without a hick-up. No satellites needed either in space, so chew on that one. I'll bet your minds are turning pretty fast right now, don't fry your brains, you are defeated so suck it up! Your best are not even close,(or even in the ball game) to being this good.

Remember this, We made their systems, now we have circumvented them to an extreme. I know there are many questions and speculation but that is very normal. I am writing this in a very public way to let those who think they can outsmart us dumb Americans will have something to learn, were are the ones that made you now "all" are defeated. Now what do you do? Go check with the arrogant MIT grad, (if so) to see if he is that intelligent or too queer.The one that thinks Americans are deaf,dumb and blind, I assure you we are not any of those choices but I think that so called MIT person that has called us those names is about to get it right back at him.
So hang in there fellow Patriots it is all in the cards and we have all the winning hands.
December 08, 2014 12:40AM
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Interesting, hope it's true because they usually see
to it that those with such inside knowledge have
an unfortunate accident after they're done
with their services!
December 08, 2014 05:02AM
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Thanks you have given me a great clever idea as an addition. Not the one that is of my demise, so they now in the agencies have a problem in Houston,(Virginia) not on Apollo 13, as a comparison.

Even if Sodium Thiopental or Scopolamine, Truth Telling Drugs is used or what is often used but was outlawed, it is a "truth serum" the brains neurological control is held in a state that it will spill the beans on any knowledge of anyone or anything involved, it simply taps into the control side of the brain and works away.

The agencies if questioned would say they don't use such things anymore, yeah right! It is in WIDE use with them all. How do you think they get information so quickly on captured combatants? How about how they find links so fast, do you wonder? They create the situation and play one out as actors,( as in Sandy Hook school in Connecticut, which was all an act admitted finally by the FBI). That is a real trip, guess about the Boston Bombing and that act, yes the amputees were already amputees, those that died were who? I know for fact that is not how bombs work or explode. The so called kid they have in jail, he does not seem worried. They shot and killed one and the other is being held for a few years and then will be let go and he will disappear. Is there really factual evidence other than the police that shot the first brother, nope it is all in their domain. The so called oldest brother is alive and well and back in his country, trip home paid by the US citizens once again. The second brother if he is even a brother is a plant. Does he really look worried sitting in the prison cell, not in the slightest, bad actor there. You think they would have told him to look real tense but he looks like he is walking through the daises looking too calm for someone in his position. Makes you wonder? Were duped again but it was a real good operation of a Martial Law exercise. I am not fooled that easily.

The military or government under Bush/Cheney never needed Guantanamo Bay or GTMO Detention Camp, a dog and pony show of how we have a facility to get information and it was heard of using torture. Did anyone have "real" information of intense screaming of pain at GTMO?

Who could get on GTMO to hear anything, how about a regular citizen…nope! Forget the Red Cross their a BS organization. My situation I was severely wounded in action, laying on a stretcher they had some coffee and doughnuts and if I wanted especially the doughnut, I had to pay for it. How do you like those beans? I have hated that organization ever since then in 68. If you can find my fellow buddy Frederick W. Shaheen, USMC he would tell you the same, he was next to me on another stretcher.


The troops today ( war is played differently now before many committed what would be called criminal acts of extreme brutality sometimes a free for all, but Hillary Clinton thinks snipers pissing on their dead mark is a crime, she is really out of this touch and looks like she should have been a celibate nun, she should have gone that way) in the field that captured individuals were usually sent outside where the interrogators worked. The troops outside heard screaming of intense pain, it was not the captive but the interrogators themselves screaming as if it was the captor.The Intel people themselves are clever actors, it is the training to make troops think they are using any and all necessary brutal force to get information, duped. So what do the troops do, the same thing and become very brutal themselves and especially when their friends are killed, Yup payback. I had a noon time meal with a friend Kevin Meade and the next second he disappeared, vaporized.

Forward on with communication, this is all communication.

The chemical is injected and it does all their work for them. There is absolutely no need for any torture at all, they simply spill the beans without torture. That does not mean that they do not use water boarding as a dog and pony show for the troops. Clever huh? Why torture,well we still have some very sick individuals that like to do it even after they have all the information, it is a sickness just like many of the government officials, their psychotics, delusional and great illusionists.

If I was to interrogate the intelligence people to get an answer I would use the same chemical to get answers but we don't do those sorts of things as ordinary people or can we, good idea. Oh I would like to get a lot of answers as many of us would from the politicians themselves and agency people like the NSA, it would be on my "To Do List". A Scopolamine party!

The one side affect of the chemical is that it can kill an individual, but that is Ok with them too.
Interesting informations going on here but it is all down the lines of the subject of communications.
Thanks for your thoughts.
December 08, 2014 05:20AM
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Huh, pretty interesting

Who needs chemicals to get someone to talk or tell the truth?
There are many other way to do that

I may walk among the sheep.......but make no mistake I am the Sheepdog

Vereor Non Magnus Nocens Lupus


First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
Martin Niemöller

"...There is no cavalry - we are all we've got."
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December 08, 2014 10:05AM
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Greetings DieselD,
Thanks for the input and I would rather have it that way too, it would give me great satisfaction, putting it kindly. According to the 3%ers rules since I am a newby here so I don't know how far we can go with expression here on the site. I am an Oath Keeper so I follow the Constitution where the politicians do not, Ferguson uses CS gas to gain control and points laser scopes on the people with a rifle barrel behind it and a finger on the trigger, I consider that as an "intent to kill. If we did that we would be in prison probably facing a life sentence. Tell me that they know what their doing, their amateurs in all of the reality of things. I could go on but I do not sleep at night or early into the morning with some bad memories, I never knew that these PTSD can have such a mean affect. I have actually spent being awake for six days around the clock for two years, so I know pain.
The communications systems they are showing are of the very old system and really we should be looking at the cell phone interceptor that costs $60,000.00 not the one on the page of info wars. The actual systems today are not on the internet any longer, there are some pages on the Meganet Corporation but it not the one I know or have seen, it is a bigger base unit and I will try to find again, it is a very interesting device. Many police departments have had them for years, it is locked up in the deep bowels of the departments, real hush, hush BS.

Their defeated too, no problem there and can be burned up easily.

Thanks for the input DieselD, right on man.

To Really Live You Must Have Almost Died,
For Those Who Fight For It,
Life Has A Meaning
The Protected Will Never Understand.

I think everyone is about to get some baptismal fire soon, very soon. I should give you my story on the gun grabbers and going through the peanut gallery being an Oath Keeper, instant federal directive sent to my police chief. In court there was no actual evidence in the Chiefs Folder on me, it simply was not there. Feeling the agony of being in a Facist / Communistic Kangaroo legal system driven by those unseen or even proven in court, vaporized. Steamed you bet!!
Two cops in two cruisers came to the house right after I was released from the hospital for acute kidney failure, they were johnny on the spot of showing up at my home. It is not very pretty and I was not even in my best form. I was still in my pajamas sitting in the backyard recuperating. A call went out to the hospital to see if I was released, I have that much information which was leaked to me by the people in records of the inquiry, somebody did me a favor. I remember talking to the woman and she was full speed ahead on knowing something was very fishy.
My location is in Marlborough, MA and I was put up on the BS Feds we have a local hidden office in the next town over. I have been there and they are on the defensive and I mean ready to shoot. I played like I was looking for an address when an agent came out standing sideways holding a piece of paper in his hand and reading glasses down on his nose. Standing sideways hiding his firearm or at least trying to, I am experienced so I know when someone takes up a defensive stance. Yeah, it was them or someone from that very friendly office as the kids say, NOT
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